Science-Fiction / Fantasy Gallery

Since I was young I have enjoyed reading Science Fiction; and it is exciting to create images from an imaginary future. Almost all the examples here are digital. I utilize 3-D programs and then touch them up in Photoshop. A few of the works are simply collages done in Photoshop and some are pre-digital collages scanned and touched up in the computer.

My work has been published in Spectrum, the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art: Heavy Traffic, Spectrum 8; Port of Call, Spectrum 9, Future 1, Spectrum 10; Spring, Spectrum 11.

My idea of Fantasy, unlike many artists, does not include the standard "Sword and Sorcery" conventions; but rather, I see it as involving Surrealistic or Symbolist ideas. You won't see any dragons here, that is, unless I can figure out a non-cliched way to do it.

The work is mostly digital collages and some digital 3-D images touched up in Photoshop.

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All images, Copyright © 1999 by Larry Price. Images shown for informational purposes only.  Images may not be copied electronically or by any other means without my prior written consent.

Larry Price