Photon Generator Gallery

After spending so much time in the digital world, it's nice to work with real materials in the physical world. My lamps are a whimsical celebration of technology. I have always been fascinated by the practical design of old scientific equipment, and the miscellaneous pseudo-scientific devices found in the laboratories of the 1930's movies Flash Gordon and Frankenstein.

In my designs, I create the appearance of a futuristic machine whose purpose is not clearly understood, a kind of retro-technology that might possibly be an antique from the future.

A dimmer is used to control the amount of light. The lamp is reduced down to its essence: An object that radiates light, hence the name Photon Generators.

Construction materials are found scrap items of stainless steel, chromed steel, brass, aluminum, and plastic, as well as various lamp parts. Each Photon Generator is an original, one-of-a-kind design. If I have enough materials, I will sometimes create a pair (to be sold as a pair).

Note: All the lamps pictured have been sold and I haven't had the time to work on more of them. If there is sufficient interest, I may begin working on them again (average price between $ 300 and $ 500).

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