Although I've worked with a number of traditional media, since 1994 I have been working almost exclusively with computers. They create a unique form of dynamic interplay between the user and machine that I find fascinating. What I do is always a collaboration between the computer and myself. This is quite often a liberating experience for my subconscious; and unpredictable amazing things are the result. I've rarely had this kind of experience with traditional media.

Science Fiction:

Since I was young I have enjoyed reading Science Fiction; and it is exciting to create images from an imaginary future. Almost all the examples here are digital. I utilize 3-D programs and then touch them up in Photoshop. A few of the works are simply collages done in Photoshop (Utod Captive, Red Baron, Ice World and Robot) and some are pre-digital collages (Birth , The Hand, The Garden, The General and Materialization ) scanned and touched up in the computer. My work has been published in Spectrum, the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art: Heavy Traffic, Spectrum 8; Port of Call, Spectrum 9, Future 1, Spectrum 10; Spring, Spectrum 11.


My idea of Fantasy, unlike many artists, does not include the standard "Sword and Sorcery" conventions; but rather, I see it as involving Surrealistic or Symbolist ideas. You won't see any dragons here, that is, unless I can figure out a non-cliched way to do it. The work is mostly digital collages and some digital 3-D images touched up in Photoshop.

Graphic Design: CD Art

Of late I have been asked to create CD Art for various musical groups. These are a selection.

Graphic Design: 3-D Logos

This is an on going series of logos using Bryce to render them in 3-D (touched up in Photoshop). Another example would be the design on my home page, and I feel they work very well for this purpose (I used the same procedure to make the buttons on my website). Of course, in a high resolution form (300 ppi) they would be suitable for print as well. Contact me if you are interested.

Fine Art:

"Art in its highest manifestations is a path to cosmic consciousness."   Ouspensky

Egg Series

"One could speak of apprehensions, of visionary intuitions, of an ultrasensitive film, capable of sensing (seeing) even the unknown worlds of which the rhythms would seem incomprehensible to us"   Kupka, 1911

Omni vivum ex ovo.   Linnaeus

Egg Series: Ex improviso.

Studies in artificial space (in the realm of the immeasurable). This is a series of improvisations in Photoshop using a few of my favorite filters combined with collage. I was trying to achieve a certain monumental sense of depth and space that can be found in some types of landscape painting, but with very unusual environments.

"A new content is only revealed when new methods of expression - a new form---are achieved. Once there is a new form, there is, consequently, also a new content; in such a way, form determines content."    Kruchenyh

Color Xerox prints

This older work is a collaboration involving interactions between myself and a color Xerox machine with serendipitous chance determining much of the results.

Collaged paper with paint blobs and splatters were used as the originals for the prints, in some cases reversing the originals and running the prints through the machine a second time to increase visual complexity. In spite of simple working procedures, the results are rich and varied.

Photon Generator:

After spending so much time in the digital world, it's nice to work with real materials in the physical world. My lamps are a whimsical celebration of technology.

I have always been fascinated by the practical design of old scientific equipment, and the miscellaneous pseudo-scientific devices found in the laboratories of the 1930's movies Flash Gordon and Frankenstein.

In my designs, I create the appearance of a futuristic machine whose purpose is not clearly understood, a kind of retro-technology that might possibly be an antique from the future.

A dimmer is used to control the amount of light. The lamp is reduced down to its essence: An object that radiates light, hence the name Photon Generators.

Construction materials are found scrap items of stainless steel, chromed steel, brass, aluminum, and plastic, as well as various lamp parts. Each Photon Generator is an original, one-of-a-kind design. If I have enough materials, I will sometimes create a pair (to be sold as a pair).

NOTE: All the lamps pictured have been sold and I haven't had the time to work on more of them. If there is sufficient interest, I may begin working on them again (average price between $ 300 and $ 500).


I was born in Frederick, Oklahoma, and raised in the Midwest. I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting from Northern Illinois University.

Currently I live in DeKalb, Illinois and teach at Harper College in Palatine. In the past I have taught painting, basic drawing, life drawing and basic design at local area colleges such as College of DuPage and Elgin Community College. For the last seven years I have taught computer graphics and for the last nine years film appreciation at Harper College, with the occasional design or drawing class.

I have worked with both traditional art media and new forms of electronic media; the most recent creative work is with the computer. My visual work has been in numerous regional, national and international exhibitions. My audio work has been broadcast on radio stations in the United States and abroad.

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Larry Price