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"Art in its highest manifestations is a path to cosmic consciousness."   Ouspensky
"One could speak of apprehensions, of visionary intuitions, of an ultrasensitive film, capable of sensing (seeing) even the unknown worlds of which the rhythms would seem incomprehensible to us." Kupka, 1911

The Egg Series: Ex improviso. Studies in artificial space (in the realm of the immeasurable). This is a series of improvisations in Photoshop using a few of my favorite filters combined with collage. I was trying to achieve a certain monumental sense of depth and space that can be found in some types of landscape painting, but with very unusual environments.

"A new content is only revealed when new methods of expression - a new form - are achieved. Once there is a new form, there is, consequently, also a new content; in such a way, form determines content." Kruchenyh

Color Xerox prints:  This older work is a collaboration involving interactions between myself and a color Xerox machine with serendipitous chance determining much of the results. Collaged paper with paint blobs and splatters were used as the originals for the prints, in some cases reversing the originals and running the prints through the machine a second time to increase visual complexity. In spite of simple working procedures, the results are rich and varied.

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Larry Price